Menu of Brasserie De Lindeboom

All produce and ingredients are sourced from carefully selected suppliers who are passionate about their work and proud of their craftsmanship and products. We are privileged that here in Zeeland we have a wide range of beautiful, regional produce available to incorporate with love and passion into our delicious dishes.

Do you have an allergy?

Do not hesitate to tell us. Would you like something which is not on the menu? Tell us and we will try to accommodate your wishes. Here it is all about enjoyment.


Reservation is preferred, particularly on Friday and Saturday. You can make your reservation by means of our reservation form or just give us a ring. Your reservation is definite when you have received confirmation from us. Reservations and cancellations are subject to the standard terms and conditions of the Hotel and Catering Industry. These conditions are binding upon anyone who uses our restaurant and B&B.

Lunch menu

(11:30 – 16:00)

All our eggs come from the Sturm chicken farm and our cheeses are sourced from the Schellach cheesemakers.

Homemade pumpkin soup with caramelized ricotta & barolo cheese 9,-

Toastie cooked ham and cheese   5,50

Toastie Caprese (tomato, mozzarella, pesto) 6,50

“Twelveses” Italian style 14,50
( chef’s choice pasta, cured meats and a shrimp croquette on bread)

Pork satay with rice and satay sauce 15,-

Traditionally made shrimp croquettes with bread 12,-

Tagliolini al cacio e pepe 12,-
(homemade long pasta with a cheese sauce and a dash of pepper)

Fried egg with farmer’s ham and spring onion 8,50

Omelette with mushrooms, bacon, tomato, cheese, oregano, and bread 8,-

* Should you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know and this will be taken into account with the preparation of your food and beverages.


Ice cream and Pastries

Applepie  3,50 ( + whipped cream  0,50)

“Dudok” Chocolate Truffle Tart 4,75

Carrotcake, traditionally made by “de Juf” 4,75

 Ice cream with fresh seasonal fruit  2,50 per scoop
(flavors: vanilla, fruits of the forest, lemon or chocolate)



Marinated Olives 3,50 

 Beef Bitterballen (8 pieces)  6,50 

Charcuterie board with a choice of cold cuts with pane caraseau
1 person  7,50 / 2 persons 13,00

Cheese board with a choice of cheeses from the Schellach cheesemakers
1 person  6,50 / 2 persons  11,00

Mix of cured meats, cheeses and (4 st) Angus bitterballen
2 persons  15,00

Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Menu (5.30pm–9pm)

To give you the opportunity to enjoy the best products from each season, this menu changes approximately every 3 months.


Shrimp cocktail

Parmaham with buffalo mozzarella

Homemade Parmigiana
(Thin sliced eggplant with tomato and mozzarella cheese from the oven)

Main Meals

Halibut on the bone with Jerusalem artichoke cream and spicy breadcrumbs

Panfried Deer with mashed potatoes, red berries and gravy

Gnochi (Italian potato-pasta) cooked in saffron with pesto


Crème brûlée with truffle

Classic Tiramisú

Yoghurt mousse with Muscat grapes from Sicily and crumble

This menu can be combined with a wine arrangement especially tailored to this menu.

Dinner menu


Our meat comes from various local farms where the beautiful cattle only graze in natural surroundings and produce the best quality meat. These animals are raised without antibiotics or additional feed.


Scallops with guacamole  15,-

Red Mullet with caponata sauce 10,-

Beef Carpaccio with a fresh salad and truffle 13,-

Homemade pumpkin soup with caramelized ricotta and Barolo cheese 9,- 

(All our pastas are homemade)
Starter 12,- / Main course 21,-

Tagliolini with truffle sauce 

Tagliatelle with different kinds of fish, zucchini and sundried tomato

Ravioli with duck confit and a butter- marjoram sauce 

Main Dishes

Cornfed chicken with creamed cauliflower and truffle 19,-

Pan-fried tenderloin with chips of polenta, eggplant, it’s gravy with capers 27,-

Pan-fried Deer with mashed potatoes, redberries and gravy 25,-

 Cod filet with a herb crust and cream of parsnip seasoned with ginger and lemongrass 23,-

Saffron Risotto with parmesan cheese 19,-

Fish of the day with a Mediterranean sauce 20,-

Our main courses are served with French fries and side salad, except for our pasta’s. They are served with a side salad only.


Lemon tart with meringue 6,50

Crème brûlée with truffle  7,50

Homemade classic Tiramisú  6,-

Yoghurt mousse with Muscat grapes from Sicily and crumble 6,50

Ice cream per scoop 2,50
(flavors; vanilla, forest fruit, chocolate and lemon)

Should you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know and this will be taken into account with the preparation of your food and beverages.

Children’s Menu

For the little ones we make customized portions at the option of the menu!